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It is important to know the Ethos, Methods and Rules by which a Conservator/Restorer abides.

Paul Tsangari adheres to the rule that any work carried out should be reversible.

Minimal intervention is a must, no unnecessary additions should ever be considered.

The greatest responsibility must be to the integrity of the artwork.

Any work undertaken should be true to the Artists' original intention.

It is Paul's belief that a Conservator/Restorer has the role of 'invisible-mending' for paintings, it should appear as though the painting is untouched.


Paul uses only the highest quality and best respected international art material suppliers, together with pure and organic materials, that have been used for Centuries in Conservation and Restoration techniques.

This gives the predictability of a known outcome, which will stand the test of time, and is easily and readily reversible for future Conservators/Restorers, owners and Institutions.


Terms such as Conservation and Restoration have been adopted by the Art World at large.

Both terms can be rather clumsy and perhaps there is no true or correct descriptive job title.

Pauls' personal preference is for the word 'Preservation', as this is all we can truly hope to achieve.

It is not possible to Conserve a painting as this means to keep it as is.

It is impossible to Restore a painting to it's original condition, especially if it is over a century old.

While to 'Preserve' a painting means to keep it alive and in existence, and make something longer lasting for future generations.






















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